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Three Deep takes a customer-centered, data-informed approach to marketing.  We’re focused on driving business results by delivering what your audience needs most in the areas that are proven to be the most effective. Our experience shows that better customer experiences lead to positive business outcomes and serving customer needs doesn’t need to happen at the expense of business results.

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What do we mean by customer-centered, data-informed approach to marketing? We focus on the following areas:

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We've put in the work, but don't just take our word for it.

Our team members and our agency as a whole are committed to maintaining certifications and partnerships with technology and knowledge leaders in each of our service areas. We also spend time sharing knowledge internally and externally with industry groups, often giving presentations and webinars to be sure we are all learning together.

Adwords Qualified Individual Google Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor Online Umbraco Certified Developer SPHR CompTIA A+ Certified Conductor Searchlight Unbound Certification Microsoft Technology Associate SHRM Certified Professional Accredited Professional Bing Ads Silverpop Engage Certified Fundamentals Analytics Qualified Individual Google Google Tag Manager Market Motive

Our leadership team

  • Dave Woodbeck Dave Woodbeck


  • Dan Derosier Dan Derosier

    Dan Derosier Vice President of Business Development & CO-FOUNDER

  • Scott Pearson Scott Pearson

    Scott Pearson VP Project Leader Consumer Journey

  • Julie Haldorson Julie Haldorson

    Julie Haldorson Vice President of Account Services

  • Kristin Ziegler Kristin Ziegler

    Kristin Ziegler VP, Technical Solutions

Dave Woodbeck


Digital measurement zealot and recovering CPA. In a good way.

Dave takes pride in starting a marketing consulting company that included both Strategy and Technology before either were cool. Along with Dan Derosier, Dave founded Three Deep in 2003. He leads the charge with an insane interest in the wildly variable, yet strangely predictive, psychology of why people buy – backed by a fascination (and knack) for measurement systems that guide the needle in digital marketing.

Dave is quick to point out that his experience gives him the perspective to identify the marketing strategies and executions that will work, and the humility to know that you need an excellent team to deliver on those results. After hours, Dave’s MN Wild hockey obsession is, in his words “a complete alter ego dedicated to this crazy passion that sometimes embarrasses me, but what can I say?” Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Dan Derosier

Vice President of Business Development & CO-FOUNDER

Digital Marketing Mercantile. Shares beer with closers.

Building business growth is what Dan does best. As a co-founder of Three Deep, he’s amplified our agency’s success and he helps other businesses thrive by enhancing their digital marketing performance. Dan has made a career of helping companies understand and adapt into digital marketing in their own terms, and then leverage interactive marketing investments to increase lead generation and grow revenue.

Dan’s entrepreneurial passion is evident. He’s an engineer at heart, and holds a U.S. patent for the first front-facing baby carrier that he developed as a parent for his own child. When not at work, Dan is the leader of a motorcycle club called the Relative Drifters who annually bike to landmarks across the country. He will offer you a handshake and a smile, but he will also ace you in ping pong.

Scott Pearson

VP Project Leader Consumer Journey

Marketing technology toolmaster. Keeps bad leads off your lawn.

Scott spends his days ensuring that Three Deep clients take advantage of every piece of their marketing technology to deliver efficient, conversion-focused messaging that keeps programs driving to their business goals. As a partner in our agency, he has expanded the marketing automation division by leading strategic programs that connect the dots between IT and Marketing needs.

Continuously devoted to the success of clients of all types, Scott practices what he preaches by maintaining subject matter expertise of technical platforms and connecting them to results-driving customer touch-points. Catch him after hours corralling his 4 children, aspiring to a more pristine front yard, and flailing his golf clubs around 18 holes.

Julie Haldorson

Vice President of Account Services

Navigator of client success. Making results shine in the digital sea.

Julie is accountable for oversight of all Three Deep client business partnerships. She is tasked with measurably and efficiently solving business problems for clients and aiding the decision-making of their customers and prospects. By keeping all parties on track over the long-term, Julie helps every dollar in a marketing budget have a purpose so it can return to you with friends.

With experience as a brand-side and agency marketer for B2C and B2B clients of all sizes, Julie has always excelled at keeping the vision in mind while getting the job done. As a perpetual self-improver, dedicated world traveler, outdoor enthusiast, and mom, she has visited 47 states, lived in 2 countries, and is still on the quest for more. As unique as you are, Julie will help you find the path to results in this wild digital marketing world.

Kristin Ziegler

VP, Technical Solutions

Digital philosopher for our clients. Whiteboarding a more creative world.

Kristin is the leader of the team delivering innovative strategy and technical solutions for our clients. She is the scale of justice who balances out the how with the why and what in building technology to reach a client’s marketing objectives. Bridging marketing, business, and technology has kept Kristin moving forward since beginning in computer science and analytics for startups, large brands, and agencies.

Kristin is a guiding fixture for Three Deep. As a problem solving critical thinker and unifier of digital execution experts. She believes that somewhere between technology and philosophy, there is always a path to the logical solution of a digital marketing problem. Kristin values cleverness, fact based statements and strong usage of the English language. As her white board reflects.

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