Our Team

Our Team

Multi-disciplined. Multi-talented. Singularly focused on better online results for you.

Who is Three Deep?

no ‘B’ Team

Not just staffing up to keep our numbers up, we built our agency to thrive off of a right-person, right-seat mentality which keeps team members challenged, encouraged, and rewarded for their work. Over a decade into agency life has our company poised with professionals who love this atmosphere of building digital programs that produce results for clients. To top it off, our experts are as likely to wow you with deliverables as they are to make you laugh in the presentation.

Our leadership team

  • Kari Amundson Kari Amundson

    Kari Amundson Journey Strategist

  • Michael Audette Michael Audette

    Michael Audette Solution Architect

  • Annie Casper Baker Annie Casper Baker

    Annie Casper Baker Account Director

  • Jaron Balgaard Jaron Balgaard

    Jaron Balgaard Paid Media Strategist

  • Meg Borman Meg Borman

    Meg Borman Sr. Account Director

  • Shannon Brady Shannon Brady

    Shannon Brady Sr. Digital Producer

  • Kurt Christianson Kurt Christianson

    Kurt Christianson Developer

  • Cassie Clark Cassie Clark

    Cassie Clark Digital Designer

  • Dan Derosier Dan Derosier

    Dan Derosier Vice President of Business Development & CO-FOUNDER

  • Derek Derosier Derek Derosier

    Derek Derosier Business Development Manager

  • Josh Dill Josh Dill

    Josh Dill Paid Media Strategist

  • Romelle Edstrom Romelle Edstrom

    Romelle Edstrom Manager of Digital Production

  • Julie Haldorson Julie Haldorson

    Julie Haldorson Vice President of Account Services

  • Erick Hamness Erick Hamness

    Erick Hamness Sr. Software Engineer

  • Jason Henricksen Jason Henricksen

    Jason Henricksen Creative Director

  • Brian Johnson Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson Sr. Digital Analyst

  • Laura Kelly Laura Kelly

    Laura Kelly Digital Producer

  • Chrissi Larsen Chrissi Larsen

    Chrissi Larsen Content Strategist

  • Sally Lueth Sally Lueth

    Sally Lueth Sr. Accountant

  • Alan Millard Alan Millard

    Alan Millard Network Administrator

  • Jake Miller Jake Miller

    Jake Miller Junior Software Engineer

  • Keith Miller Keith Miller

    Keith Miller Marketing Automation Engineer

  • Jenny Neilsen Jenny Neilsen


  • Rayni Pemble Rayni Pemble

    Rayni Pemble Paid Media Specialist

  • Daniel Olsen Daniel Olsen

    Daniel Olsen Email Marketing Specialist

  • Leif Olson Leif Olson

    Leif Olson Interactive Specialist

  • Jason Ossmann Jason Ossmann

    Jason Ossmann Sr. Web Developer

  • Carie Otto Carie Otto


  • Scott Pearson Scott Pearson

    Scott Pearson VP Project Leader Consumer Journey

  • Katie Ries Katie Ries

    Katie Ries SEO Specialist

  • Kelly Rongstad Kelly Rongstad

    Kelly Rongstad HR Generalist

  • Ben Schmidt Ben Schmidt

    Ben Schmidt Sr. Content Strategist

  • Andy Thomson Andy Thomson


  • Becca Tobin Becca Tobin

    Becca Tobin Digital Data Analyst

  • Emily Tucker Emily Tucker

    Emily Tucker Digital Project Coordinator

  • Ellen Wander Ellen Wander

    Ellen Wander Accounting Associate

  • Rick Wolke Rick Wolke

    Rick Wolke Sr. Digital Analyst

  • Dan Woodbeck Dan Woodbeck

    Dan Woodbeck Solution Architect

  • Dave Woodbeck Dave Woodbeck


  • Kristin Ziegler Kristin Ziegler

    Kristin Ziegler VP, Technical Solutions

Kari Amundson

Journey Strategist

Kari Amundson is a Journey Strategist with over 9 years of experience working across several sectors – agency, non-profit, client side in corporate America, then back to agency. Kari works to strategically communicate and connect with consumers in an effective and meaningful way. She likes to think outside the box while making sure efforts are always laddering back to the larger objective.

Kari likes working at Three Deep because it’s not too big and not too small, there’s an opportunity to be involved in many ways and the location is perfect! Outside of work, Kari is known for being a huge history buff with an affinity for museums of any kind. She loves to play volleyball, do yoga and is a shameless, crazy cat lady. Also, she’s obsessed with Harry Potter and may or may not have a wand…

Michael Audette

Solution Architect

Statistics psyche. Uses data to predict the path to purchases.

Mike is a Solution Architect. He helps clients use CRM data and web analytics to reach their target audience online. He’s been “in the data” for years… 8-years to be exact with experience in both traditional and digital advertising, and always using information and statistics to focus messages on its intended audience. Mike stays ahead of the curve with his passion for predictive analytics and digital personalization.

Outside of work, Mike is “about that mountain life,” meaning he loves to snowboard. He’ll choose the snow over the beach anytime he has the chance, making him a winter warrior.

Annie Casper Baker

Account Director

All-around acrobat. Digital marketing so good you’ll flip.

Annie helps brands find the right digital solution for their business. With 10-years client service experience, she’s worked with fortune 500 companies to strategize and launch online platforms that increase traffic and enhance UX. Her marketing techniques do headstands (meaning they’re mind-blowing) and she does handstands (a cool party trick).

It’s not easy to guess, but Annie admits she’s a bit nerdy, and everyone agrees her pensive personality is an admirable quality. Beyond that, you’ll find Annie tapping into the office’s unlimited supply of La Croix sparkling water - Mango flavor of course, or drinking endless cups of coffee to keep up with her 2 energetic kids.  

Jaron Balgaard

Paid Media Strategist

Jaron Balgaard helps brands both formulate and achieve their digital marketing goals through in-depth analysis and highly optimized paid media campaigns. He has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and enjoys the continual learning required to keep up with an ever-changing field. Jaron specializes in identifying how a company’s unique goals translate to a customized digital strategy – both on a high level, and specifically to paid media campaigns.

In Jaron’s free time, he enjoys long distance running, playing his mandolin (all-time favorite possession), spending time with his friends, and watching the same handful of TV comedies over and over again.

Meg Borman

Sr. Account Director

While I may be new to Three Deep, I am not new to the marketing world. Having worked with a wide range of clients, both large and small in all aspects of marketing, I’m excited to join Three Deep to expand my knowledge even further. As part “math geek”, I love to work with clients to help drive them toward tangible and measurable results.

My personal time is comprised of lots of travel whenever I can and spending as much time as I can up on the grandest of lakes, Lake Superior.

Shannon Brady

Sr. Digital Producer

Idealist thriving on the world’s chaos. Addicted to the rush of achieving excellence.

Shannon Brady is a Sr. Digital Producer at Three Deep. She is a queen of collaboration and all around problem solver. Shannon finds excitement in knowing the work she’s managing brings value to her clients, company and teams. She’s fueled by frenzy and brings performance marketing to its fruition.

In her personal life, Shannon wear’s many hats. She’s a chef, doctor, laundress, homemaker and chauffer - Yes, she’s a mom! Shannon enjoys time with her young family and all the excitement it brings.  

Kurt Christianson


Kurt Christianson is a Developer who has a passion for building creative, dynamic solutions to optimize user experience for consumer driven websites and applications. He loves taking ideas from concept to completion, solving complex problems that he’s never encountered before.

Kurt enjoys working at Three Deep because everyone makes each other feel welcome and valued, with plenty of opportunities to grow personally and professionally.  Outside of work, Kurt is a hunter through and through. When the season opens up, you can bet he has a tag in his pocket hunting anything from turkeys, whitetail, elk to even grizzly bears!

Cassie Clark

Digital Designer

Cassie is a Digital Designer who uses her 10+ years of experience to tell visual stories that inspire. With a strong past in social media, she has the ability to create “thumb-stopping” imagery while conveying a strong message. She’s quite proud of her ability to photoshop (almost) anything into any photo, and frequently uses that talent for pranks. 

When she’s not at work, Cassie spends far too much money at Target, uses any leftover creative power to DIY her house, and watches an embarrassing amount of the bachelor franchise. 

Dan Derosier

Vice President of Business Development & CO-FOUNDER

Digital Marketing Mercantile. Shares beer with closers.

Building business growth is what Dan does best. As a co-founder of Three Deep, he’s amplified our agency’s success and he helps other businesses thrive by enhancing their digital marketing performance. Dan has made a career of helping companies understand and adapt into digital marketing in their own terms, and then leverage interactive marketing investments to increase lead generation and grow revenue.

Dan’s entrepreneurial passion is evident. He’s an engineer at heart, and holds a U.S. patent for the first front-facing baby carrier that he developed as a parent for his own child. When not at work, Dan is the leader of a motorcycle club called the Relative Drifters who annually bike to landmarks across the country. He will offer you a handshake and a smile, but he will also ace you in ping pong.

Derek Derosier

Business Development Manager

Mindful merchant. Maps performance marketing to goals and expectations.

Derek is the Business Development Manager. He helps bridge the gap between future clients’ business goals and their marketing service needs. He provides consultation through proactive, open-ended conversations about their digital properties and how our performance marketing services align to their project goals and expectations.

Outside of work, Derek goes to great lengths to carry on his annual snowboarding trip. Over the past 10 years he’s made regular treks to Colorado, Utah and Montana to surf powder snow. An excursion he hopes to continue for at least the next 10 years!

Josh Dill

Paid Media Strategist

Media whiz. Produces the final cut on positive KPIs.

Josh Dill has over 9-years experience managing paid media accounts for small, medium and large companies. Josh is truly adept in all areas of digital advertising. He is infatuated by watching how his optimization efforts directly affect clients KPI’s in a positive way.

Beyond performance marketing, Josh is a cinematic. You’ll find him helping independent filmmakers shoot, edit and promote their work. Yet another way he’s a digital all-star.

Romelle Edstrom

Manager of Digital Production

Romelle Edstrom manages the digital production team at Three Deep. She's an agency-lifer and has produced hundreds of marketing projects in her career. These projects have spanned anywhere from loyalty, to complex site builds, to integrated campaigns. It's no wonder her undergrad degree is in anthropology – even as an 18-year-old college student (go Badgers!), she was interested in studying what drives human behavior.

Romelle's favorite part about the Three Deep office is the pool table since she spent many years in a league and is known to play people for beer in dive bars. Her ideal travel experiences involve learning about different cultures, which have included sleeping in a one-room hut made of dung in Nepal and under mosquito netting in a Guatemalan jungle.

Julie Haldorson

Vice President of Account Services

Navigator of client success. Making results shine in the digital sea.

Julie is accountable for oversight of all Three Deep client business partnerships. She is tasked with measurably and efficiently solving business problems for clients and aiding the decision-making of their customers and prospects. By keeping all parties on track over the long-term, Julie helps every dollar in a marketing budget have a purpose so it can return to you with friends.

With experience as a brand-side and agency marketer for B2C and B2B clients of all sizes, Julie has always excelled at keeping the vision in mind while getting the job done. As a perpetual self-improver, dedicated world traveler, outdoor enthusiast, and mom, she has visited 47 states, lived in 2 countries, and is still on the quest for more. As unique as you are, Julie will help you find the path to results in this wild digital marketing world.

Erick Hamness

Sr. Software Engineer

Codify commander. Works behind the scenes.

Erick is a Senior Software Engineer. He’s responsible for designing and developing software solutions that support back-end development for high performance websites. Erick has 17-years experience, a Master’s in Business and an entrepreneurial spirit that is the foundation for continually achieving clients’ unique goals.

When Erick’s not building wicked cool software, he’s constructing kitchens, bathrooms and decks as a home improvement weekend warrior. He also launches his own development pet-projects and hosts a semi-annual LAN party for friends called “Hammerfest”.  

Jason Henricksen

Creative Director

Virtual virtuoso. Illustrates compelling stories and delightful experiences.

Jason Henricksen is the Creative Director. He unscrambles design challenges to drive consumer behaviors while maintaining brand integrity. With 16-years experience, Jason is all about variety. He has framed up nearly every type of design imaginable including websites, emails, ad campaigns, rebrands, web apps, retail graphics and more.

In his free time, Jason collects screen printed, foil stamped and letterpress posters and loves cars way more than his 12-year-old Subaru will lead you to believe. He also aspires to use his eye for design to build his own furniture.

Brian Johnson

Sr. Digital Analyst

Brian Johnson is a Sr. Digital Analyst at Three Deep. Brian has been in the Marketing Analytics field for 7 years, specializing in large-scale database applications and analysis. He is passionate about solving problems and finding the hidden indicators that lead to meaningful insights.

Channeling his inner Ron Swanson, Brian combined his passions of woodworking and the outdoors to build a 17’ cedar canoe for camping trips. So far, he’s trekked across the Boundary Waters three times in that canoe - with many more planned for the years to come.

Laura Kelly

Digital Producer

Balance brewmaster. Adds poise to complex projects.

Laura is a Digital Producer who thrives on problem solving and collaborating with cross-functional team members, and has a strange inborn desire to manage complex, compelling digital experiences. She has 7 years of agency experience and has spent the past 3 of those years launching websites, sending emails, and conquering social all while keeping up to speed with the trends of the ever-changing digital world.

Outside of work, you’ll find her hosting (or playing) trivia. Laura also enjoys micro-brews and taprooms so much, she’s toured over 100 breweries and 80 of those are right here in Minnesota.

Chrissi Larsen

Content Strategist

Content Queen. Certifies your composition meets the Monarchy’s ideals.

Chrissi is a Content Strategist at Three Deep, which basically means she makes sure that every piece of content you produce is relevant and actionable for your target audience. She began her marketing career in the corporate world working in SEO and over the years transitioned to agency life and content strategy. This has given her a well-rounded perspective when it comes to working with internal client teams and other subject matter experts. Her goal is to get your website found and have it not suck once people get there.

While the work she does is pretty rad, the real reason she shows up to the office is the never-ending stream of La Croix. When not at Three Deep, you’ll find Chrissi plotting out her garden to make the most of MN’s short summer or at an opera making the most of MN’s long winter.

Sally Lueth

Sr. Accountant

Capital calculator. Keeps everything balanced.

Sally is an Accountant at Three Deep. Beyond managing our financial operations with a sharp pencil, Sally rolls up her sleeves to support revenue forecasting, budget management and contract reviews. Her team-first attitude and attention to detail makes the team’s job easier and more efficient – something everyone can appreciate.

Outside of the office, Sally’s time is filled with four wheeling adventures at her cabin, and creating her next Pinterest project. She’s also a volleyball coach and puts her skills to use in organizing a variety of recreational company activities.

Alan Millard

Network Administrator

Master of mechanization. Establishes speed and dependability into our grid.

Alan is the network administrator. He’s responsible for the overall IT strategy in our office and ensures everything runs smoothly. Alan is a technology whiz kid who has helped small business with their IT needs since he was a teenager. He’s Microsoft and CompTIA certified and has built entire networks and facilities from the ground up including our current infrastructure.  

In his spare time, Alan is all things automotive. He races AutoX where he handles speed and tight corners with precision. When he’s not behind the wheel of a car, Alan also enjoys long road trips on his motorcycle.

Jake Miller

Junior Software Engineer

Jake is a Junior Software Engineer. He assists with the planning, implementation, optimization, and analysis of development activities. Jake has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Business Management from the University of Minnesota. He is driven by knowledge and learning, working to constantly improve his technical skill set in order to solve our client’s complex business problems.

Outside of work hours, Jake can be found underneath a friend’s broken car, on a backwoods snowmobile trail, or competing in local E-sports competitions.

Keith Miller

Marketing Automation Engineer

Electronic ink slinger. Coded enough emails to populate a global village.

Keith is an Marketing Automation Engineer. His responsive email coding and campaign management is summed up in one word, awesome. Over the past 11-years, Keith has sent over 1-billion permission based emails, executing everything from standard campaigns to managing complex nurture streams and campaign workflows.  

Keith spends his free time fostering dogs, drinking Keystone Light and listening to Heavy Metal where’s he’s a self-described brute in the mosh pit.

Jenny Neilsen


Relentlessly focused on the user. Optimization is her middle name.

Jenny helps clients achieve business goals through making every interaction more user centered and revels in a project never “being done” by constantly looking for optimization opportunities. With over 14 years of experience, she has found her niche on the strategic side of the business, pushing clients to embrace change and advance their digital maturity to remain competitive.

Outside of work, Jenny is passionate about the outdoors. Growing up near the St. Croix river instilled that passion early on and now she is working to instill that same passion in her two small humans—encouraging them to get dirty and play with worms whenever possible.

Rayni Pemble

Paid Media Specialist

Rayni Pemble is a Paid Media Specialist. Rayni is passionate about life-long learning, connecting with others, and strategic problem-solving. She enjoys working at Three Deep because she gets to be surrounded by passionate and fun people every single day!

In her spare time, she enjoys coming out of retirement to play a game on the soccer pitch as she played 4 years at Augsburg University. She also enjoys painting with watercolors and acrylics. Oh, and obsessively watching Parks and Rec.

Daniel Olsen

Email Marketing Specialist

Plays a winning hand at work, and beyond.

Daniel Olsen is an Email Marketing Specialist. He’s filled with analytics brainpower, proactive solutions and a personality that is always set to positive. Daniel is known to handle high-stress projects while remaining cool as a cucumber. 

Outside of work, Daniel is a competitive poker player. He’s played the card game all over the world and traveled so much he’s achieved Million Miler fight status.

Leif Olson

Interactive Specialist

Ace of analysis. Captures data for personalization and profitability.

Leif Olson is an Interactive Specialist. He simply is data-driven. Leif loves breaking websites apart and making sure they meet their requirements. Using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, he creates comprehensive tracking infrastructures that collect essential data to measure performance marketing campaigns. Something that is as complex as it sounds, yet Leif makes it look easy.

When he’s not measuring complex digital data, you’ll find him listening to his vinyl collection, canoeing in the BWCA, painting abstract art or waiting in line for the new Star Wars movie or Apple product.

Jason Ossmann

Sr. Web Developer

Eye for design, and a mastermind for coding.

Jason Ossmann is a Sr. Front End Web Developer who takes Three Deep’s awesome web designs, dissects them, and rebuilds them into functional websites. He’s a graphic designer by training who transitioned into web design over 8 years ago. Jason works with various front end technologies and credits his web design interests to his extensive Myspace customizations during high school.

Outside of his capacity as a developer, Jason is also the resident Dungeons Master at Three Deep. During the off hours, it is not uncommon to see him writing up an outline for his next Dungeons and Dragons session, or up to his wrists in paint while detailing some a new monster miniature his heroes will soon encounter.

Carie Otto


Dotting the i’s. Crossing the t’s. Maximizing your marketing potential.

Carie helps clients implement digital campaigns that generate a positive return right out of the gates, then leads optimization efforts to continually achieve better and better results. A perfectionist, Carie never believes anything’s “good enough,” so she drives campaigns and landing pages to produce better results through continuous optimization and testing. The proof is in the pudding: her team routinely generates a 3 - 10x return on investment for our paid media clients.

Carie will challenge you to your choice of beer-league sports. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her determined to roll her first 300 game at the bowling alley or smash some opponents on the volleyball court or softball field. Competitive, much?

Scott Pearson

VP Project Leader Consumer Journey

Marketing technology toolmaster. Keeps bad leads off your lawn.

Scott spends his days ensuring that Three Deep clients take advantage of every piece of their marketing technology to deliver efficient, conversion-focused messaging that keeps programs driving to their business goals. As a partner in our agency, he has expanded the marketing automation division by leading strategic programs that connect the dots between IT and Marketing needs.

Continuously devoted to the success of clients of all types, Scott practices what he preaches by maintaining subject matter expertise of technical platforms and connecting them to results-driving customer touch-points. Catch him after hours corralling his 4 children, aspiring to a more pristine front yard, and flailing his golf clubs around 18 holes.

Katie Ries

SEO Specialist

Katie is an SEO Specialist with experience in both the company and agency side. She loves that SEO is always evolving, with something new to learn and challenge her every day. Katie enjoys using data, and a hint of creativity, to inform solutions to her client’s problems.

When summer finally hits, it’s Katie’s time to shine. She’s on the hunt for any and every lake she can walk around, swim in or boat on! Katie also has this weird, lucky streak going where she wins concert tickets on the radio. On top of that, she works to get 10,000 steps on her Fitbit every day through yoga sculpt classes (woah). Her favorite thing about working at Three Deep is the culture & diverse client work. The wine fridge doesn’t hurt either…

Kelly Rongstad

HR Generalist

Our personnel principal. Fields winning teams.

Kelly is an HR Generalist and SHRM certified professional at Three Deep Marketing. She assists with employee benefits, recruitment & retention strategies, new hire on-boarding as well as many other HR functions. She has a passion for progressing HR out of the dinosaur age and ramping up operations to keep them in-line with modern workplace trends.

When she’s not at work, you can find her clearing the shelves at Target, consuming colossal size Starbucks or answering the question “why” for the eleventy-bajillionth time. #momlife

Ben Schmidt

Sr. Content Strategist

A content nerd and strategic thinker, Ben brings 15 years of award-winning chops in content creation, film and public radio, branding, and creative direction to Three Deep.  As a strategist, Ben champions a page from the Pixar playbook –the (marketing) technology should challenge the work. And the work should inspire the technology. 

Off-hours, Ben likes to BBQ brisket in his 22" Weber Grill (thanks, Cooks Illustrated!) and runs a humble trading business in a popular online cowboy-being game (thanks, er, Cripps?). Also, for almost a decade, Ben has served as one of the official voices of the New York City Marathon...'s PA system. Each fall, as part of a multilingual (dream?) team, Ben's pre-recorded voice welcomes racers as they bus in, explains how to line up, wishes everyone luck, and kindly reminds runners to use the restroom before or after (ideally not as) they cross the Brooklyn Bridge. 


Andy Thomson


Web search wonk. Helping brand content meet customer needs.

Andy helps clients make sure their websites are found by the right searchers and then find lots more of those searchers. Andy dives into SEO technical, content, and strategy projects with equal passion for excellence. He revels in digging for the right insight or observation that will bring a client’s digital asset to life and delight their audience.

In his free time, Andy is diehard basketball junkie at heart and a dedicated leftover chef at home. He loves being able to experiment with recipes and appreciates a perfect give-n-go. At work, he gets the best of both worlds.

Becca Tobin

Digital Data Analyst

Becca Tobin is a Digital Data Analyst who loves analyzing any type of data to develop automated solutions for big data challenges. Becca has been playing with data since her first lab experiment as a freshman biology major in college. You may be surprised to know that she has a Masters in Ecology! Not only because she loves plants, but because she has an analytical mind suited for exploring patterns, interactions and systems – perfect for data analysis!

Becca loves working at Three Deep because she gets to work on a variety of projects, with many types of data and clients – meaning there’s no chance of boredom! Fun Fact: Becca has a list of famous trees around the world that she wants to visit. #1 on her is Methuselah, which is a bristlecone pine in Israel and possibly the oldest non-clonal tree in the world!

Emily Tucker

Digital Project Coordinator

Emily Tucker is a Digital Project Coordinator who thrives off a fast-paced work environment where every day brings new challenges that keep her on her toes! Emily seeks to bring timely, quality work to fruition that drives results and brings value to all involved. Emily loves being surrounded by passionate people and the continuous learning that takes place at Three Deep.

You will often find Emily making yet another PB & J for lunch, or sampling the latest beer we have on tap - someone's got to do it, right? Outside of work, you will find Emily shooting film photography, working on her cars, or spending way too much time with her cat, Gibson.

Ellen Wander

Accounting Associate

Ellen helps maintain a positive office environment by managing schedules and client on-sites, supporting the Finance team with bookkeeping tasks, and helping the marketing team execute special projects or events. It’s cliché, but Ellen is the epitome of going the extra mile. She has a knack for capitalizing on the small details without even being asked. One time she made homemade white chocolate dipped marshmallows rolled in crushed candy canes… all for a hot cocoa event. I mean, c’mon – amazing!

Her favorite part about her job is being able to help others, whether it’s helping balance financial statements, pouring her co-worker another beer, or brightening someone’s day with her constant positivity, laughter and absurd amount of sarcasm. Outside of work, Ellen loves all things active and outdoors. In the summer, you can find her on her vintage red motorcycle every day the weather allows.

Rick Wolke

Sr. Digital Analyst

Detail oriented dossier. Uses data to predict people’s online behavior.

Rick implements data collection strategies to interpret user behavior on our client’s websites. His data intellect is an uncommon skill and his savvy statistic brainpower is right at home with our digital performance agency. Rick helps businesses build their data and measurement efforts from the ground up, making complex analytic work look simple.

Outside of work, Rick is a beer enthusiast who burns off his beer belly by running. He’s on a mission to run a race in all 50 states, and also in all 87 Minnesota counties. Competing in all these locations also helps him gather more pint glasses for his collection. 

Dan Woodbeck

Solution Architect

Dan Woodbeck is a Solution Architect. He builds solution diagrams and technical roadmaps by partnering with our customers to orchestrate solutions that meet their needs. An expert at both strategic communications and technical problem solving, his main objective is to solve problems for our customer’s ‘customer journey.’

Dan joined the Three Deep team in 2008 after years of experience in the IT industry. Outside of the office, Dan is a St. Paul lifer with a supreme loyalty to the Vikings, the Wild, and summertime cabin excursions. If you need to hip-check an inefficient process or tackle a new digital marketing goal, Dan is your guy.

Dave Woodbeck


Digital measurement zealot and recovering CPA. In a good way.

Dave takes pride in starting a marketing consulting company that included both Strategy and Technology before either were cool. Along with Dan Derosier, Dave founded Three Deep in 2003. He leads the charge with an insane interest in the wildly variable, yet strangely predictive, psychology of why people buy – backed by a fascination (and knack) for measurement systems that guide the needle in digital marketing.

Dave is quick to point out that his experience gives him the perspective to identify the marketing strategies and executions that will work, and the humility to know that you need an excellent team to deliver on those results. After hours, Dave’s MN Wild hockey obsession is, in his words “a complete alter ego dedicated to this crazy passion that sometimes embarrasses me, but what can I say?” Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Kristin Ziegler

VP, Technical Solutions

Digital philosopher for our clients. Whiteboarding a more creative world.

Kristin is the leader of the team delivering innovative strategy and technical solutions for our clients. She is the scale of justice who balances out the how with the why and what in building technology to reach a client’s marketing objectives. Bridging marketing, business, and technology has kept Kristin moving forward since beginning in computer science and analytics for startups, large brands, and agencies.

Kristin is a guiding fixture for Three Deep. As a problem solving critical thinker and unifier of digital execution experts. She believes that somewhere between technology and philosophy, there is always a path to the logical solution of a digital marketing problem. Kristin values cleverness, fact based statements and strong usage of the English language. As her white board reflects.

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