Television has lost its longtime grip on advertising as digital marketing continues to surge. According to The New York Times, digital advertising is taking the majority of marketing budgets and ad spend.

If you’re wondering why big brands are making this digital transformation, it’s simple really. Digital marketing provides data, flexibility and the ability to reach your consumers in ways that television can’t. We cover more on the WHY in 4 Reasons to Increase Your Digital Ad Spend.

For the rest of you who are wondering HOW digital marketing can grow your business quickly, we cover that in this presentation.

8 Effective Digital Strategies for Brands with Multiple Locations or Independent Dealer Networks: 

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Presented by: Dan Derosier, Co-Founder of Three Deep Marketing
Dan has spent more than 25 years providing enterprise solutions to both Fortune 500 companies and midsize businesses. Throughout his career, he has developed a reputation for increasing sales, improving marketing programs and growing chan­nel partnerships. Dan’s online strategies provide companies a digital roadmap to better leverage integrated online marketing programs to deliver more effective lead generation and much better sales results.