Words of Yesteryear

The world of digital marketing continues to evolve. The successive nature of our field means that sooner or later technologies are outdated, or die. The year 2016 is now different. Here are 6 words that might expire this year. Or at least be used a lot less!


Visual Content Stats for 2016

2016 is here! So what’s new with marketing? Users continue to gravitate towards visual content. Knowing that, what’s better than an article sharing 38 stats you should know about visual content marketing this year? In this case, I’d say few things are better than that.


The Progression of Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to grow as a strategy. When I say grow, I really mean mature. As brands continue to become more sophisticated with content marketing, so does the challenge of developing quality, rapid content. If you’re beginning to feel these growing pains, then you might be interested in these tips for content marketing in 2016.


Business Development Downtown [Video]
More businesses are finding Saint Paul's vibrant downtown an ideal place to locate and grow. See why working in Saint Paul is becoming a hub for growing businesses.


Powerful Tips You Should Know for Optimizing Campaigns in Google AdWords

Most teachers lecture about having focus when writing. And they must be good at their jobs, because most digital marketing blog articles will focus on particular strategies like increasing CTR or keyword research. Lets just say 19 powerful tips for Google AdWords Campaign Optimization goes beyond the focus of a single strategy. Somehow, I think most teachers would be okay with that. Mostly because it’s a great article.


Is UX Your Ticket to Marketing Success?

People love their smartphones. So much they use them more often than any other device to search the internet. That means it’s critical to design your website with mobile first in mind. Here’s some reasons why.


How Your Blog Can Increase Your Site Ranking

We hear about how content is king. That means blogging is perhaps the single most important and effective strategy you can use to get your website ranking. Here’s 8 tips on how to use your blog to increase organic traffic to your website.


Lead Generation Made Simple

Generating leads seems complex, but it doesn’t need to be. If you’re having trouble launching a new lead generation program, you might be overthinking things. To simplify things, here are 5 Lead Generation Lessons You Learned in Kindergarten.