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Seize the Power of Marketing Automation or Lose Business.

It’s time to get smart about martech.

Marketing automation is far more than a nice-to-have timesaver. It’s the engine that catapults your marketing department from a cost center to a revenue generator.

Marketing automation isn’t merely an email tool, but the platform you rely on to reach and persuade customers at every key point in their buying journey and execute personalization at scale.

Brands that achieve digital maturity, and reap the financial rewards, have moved beyond the “batch and blast” mentality to make marketing technology a sharply tuned business-building instrument.

Three Deep partners with your team to:

Eradicate excessive resource burn and strengthen the channels that drive leads and sales

Map message delivery precisely to needs of the individual customer wherever he or she may be on his or her journey

Improve the customer experience with your brand and boost conversion

Marketing Automation Should Be a Customer Satisfaction Machine

Our martech experts recommend, deploy, and tune your marketing automation to deliver five key features that amount to superior targeting, engagement, lead generation, sales, customer insights, and of course, efficiency.

Email and Marketing Automation Services

Our marketing automation team gives your company data analysis and platform expertise to improve delivery, engagement, and targeting strategies resulting in messages that create a full lifecycle marketing experience.


Marketing automation becomes the engine that drives your integrated campaigns to reach the right prospects at the right moments and convert them to customers. Critical elements include:

  • Program development
  • Platform deployment
  • Customer segmentation


We work through the following processes to deliver effective messaging:

  • Conversion optimization
  • Landing page design
  • Email template development


To reach the right person at the right time with the right message, you need to know your customers’ triggers. We develop a variety of email types that are triggered based on customer preferences and behavior.

  • Welcome
  • Onboarding
  • Education/nurturing


When faced with decisions that affect your budget or revenue, it helps to have an experienced partner with a firm grasp of your analytics. We analyze every step in the marketing automation process to help you continually evolve your operation. Sample offerings include:

  • Platform selection and migrations
  • Lead scoring
  • Database audit

Is Your Email Program Effective?

Your audience expects you to engage with them at a 1:1 level of personalization. So how are you doing? Are you sending dynamic content based on past purchases and behavioral triggers? Let’s get a baseline of where you are and go from there.

Evaluate My Email Marketing Right Now

We connected email, web, social and retail store data to help a large specialty retailer improve customer engagement rates by 12%, double their acquisition rate, and increase store revenue by 267% YOY.

Email Works. Hard.
Don’t Take Our Word for It.


Transactional and triggered emails have 8x more opens and drive greater revenue than regular bulk emails.

Mail Chimp

Segmented email campaigns get 14% more opens and 100% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns.

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