Case Study - Red Wing Shoes

Can you get online customers to take in-store actions… and prove it?

Today’s customer is rarely required to visit a store let alone talk to someone at said store. Yet, getting fitted for a pair of Red Wing boots requires just that. We faced a two-pronged challenge: convince consumers that they’ll not only enjoy a visit to a Red Wing Store, but that working with a Fit Expert to get the right boot in the right size is an essential part of the boots-buying process.



1.Convince consumers of the benefits of the Ultimate Fit Experience

2.Drive engagement with Ultimate Fit Experience digital content

3.Create demand for in-store visits for the Ultimate Fit Experience


1.Drove audience from awareness to in-store visit

2.Created strategic messaging to set expectations for in-person experience

3.Leveraged CRM data to drive cross-channel decision-making for efficient media management

4.Reached intended audience with relevant content by mapping messages per channel and phase of journey

  • Customized messaging and ad placement across the customer journey
  • Personalized, dynamic content updates on emails and landing pages
  • Used barcode technology on coupons to track campaign performance by source
  • On time, on budget




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